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19 MayThis Amazing Trailer Can Sleep a Family of Four

No more pitching tents for the owner of this sweet camper.

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08 May10 Cool Campers For Every Budget

If your tastes skew more modern, the Cricket trailer could be for you. The angular design is eye-catching but also serves…

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04 MayTigerMoth featured @ DesignBoom.com – Have a look!

Read all about it here.

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17 JanGear We Love (for camping, for fun, for cycling, for life) #1

It was my birthday last week. My mom would say, “happy 16th prime!”. You can say “whoa, 53.” My earliest memory…

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17 AugWhy We Camp #18 – Woolly Bear and Back Again

Son Sam and I just completed a 5304 mile road trip. That is about 1/5th of the way around the world…

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12 AugWhy We Camp #17 – Politics

why we camp #17 — politics I am not really going to write about politics. The theater of politics, the posturing, the mis-direction…

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12 AugWhy We Camp #16 —Stars Forwards and Backwards

hubble — ring nebula Go see the stars! Feel awe, wonder, humility. God we are so small. Seuss’Horton Hears a Who! is so…

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12 AugWhy We Camp #15 – Vacation: The Way Life Should Be

I got to go on vacation to Maine this past week. My dad’s first job was in Portland. My sisters were…

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01 JulWhy We Camp #14 – Luck

I have lived in Houston for 15 years now. I have become less aware, architecturally aware, of how taller buildings handle the…

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24 JunWhy We Camp #12 – Technology

We talk about technology a lot here at TAXA. How to incorporate it to: -design our products and build our products…

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