Take your adventure off the grid with a TigerMoth

Incredibly Versatile Camper

Lightweight and rugged means the TigerMoth is towable by many 4-cylinder vehicles. With a dry weight of 900lbs, you can tow it almost anywhere in whatever you drive.

7+ Days off the grid

With built-in electrical, LED lights, 12V outlets, water, and optional solar panels, living off the grid is a reality with TigerMoth.

Large Side Hatch

Large side hatch allows for easy access for loading/unloading, amazing views and breeze from all angles.

The Ultimate Adventure Trailer

Exterior Storage: Roof rack system, tongue mounted toolbox, front cargo step, and roof cargo deck provide the right storage for each piece of gear.

12” of Ground Clearance: Rugged 15” radial tires and torsion axle provide industry best ground clearance.

Large Side Hatch – Provides for easy loading and increased connection with the outdoors

Everything You Need to Get Outdoors

Pull Out Kitchen Drawer – 5.5 sq. ft. of counter-top with cutting board and 2 large cubbies provide ample work and storage space for cookware.

NASA Inspired Storage – Attach points, hooks, and bungees create space for wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted cargo.

Bed, Lounge, Storage System: Access under-bed storage while maintaining use of the bed.

Electrical & Lighting – 120V inlet for shore power connection, 7+ days off-grid, and tow connection recharges battery while hauling. Task lighting over the kitchen, and ambient and night lighting in the cabin.


The Tigermoth camper trailer is sold exclusively through dealerships. All pricing, availability, and lead time will depend on the specific dealer.
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